As we now know the use of materials such as rocks, stones and pavers create the Hardscape of your property’s landscape. Rocks and stones are a terrific way to add functional architectural elements to your landscape design. Every rock has a beauty and character all it’s own and there are many types to choose from. Rocks and stones are extremely durable and are the perfect material for adding hardscape features such as pathways, patios and retaining walls to your landscape design. Let’s examine some of the many ways rock and stone is used to enhance a landscape design.

Rocks and stones are incredibly useful when designing landscapes for drought prone regions. River pebbles can take the place of water hungry lawns in your landscape, helping to conserve water. Rock garden landscapes put stones in the spotlight, and the plants become supporting accents. Gravel becomes a decorative mulch the perfect compliment for a cacti and succulent garden landscape.

Flag stones and pavers are the perfect material for stable walks and patios in your landscape design. Flag stones are generally thin and somewhat smooth so they work well with patio landscape furniture. Flag stones come in interesting shapes and varying shades.

Stone is also a great material for landscape accessories. Granite has earned a reputation for beauty and versatility, and can be carved into benches and tables for your garden landscape. Many landscape supply show rooms carry granite, and sandstone furniture or keep a catalog for special landscape orders. Boulders of all sizes can lend drama to your landscape design. They are wonderful for use in water landscaping features such as falls and cascades. They can also serve as bold gateways to mark the entrance to your landscape, lending height to the design. Retaining walls made of stone are useful in designing raised flower beds, and defining different areas of your landscape from each other. Stone walls definitely remind us of the countryside landscapes in England, Ireland, and France and can give your landscape some old-world charm. Hopefully you’re now inspired to add some rock and stone accents to your own landscape design. Call Interstate Design Landscaping to find out what is available in your area that holds up to our weather.

Do it Yourself Pathway:

A quick patio or walk can be constructed by framing the landscape area you want to use and putting down about a three inch layer of builder’s sand. Arrange the flag stones by laying them on top of the sand. It’s much like fitting puzzle pieces together, take your time and readjust until your flag stones fit together in a pleasing design that is also free of large gaps. Smaller stones may be used to fit in gaps where larger stones don’t meet up as well.

Once you’re finished, water the area to moisten the sand and wash it off the flag stone surface. Walk on the stones to press them more firmly into the sand, and you’re finished. This quick and easy landscape flooring is not completely permanent and may require adjusting from time to time, but the ease of the project makes it well worth it for the home landscaper.